Stephen Jackson

Regional Vice President


2624 Long Prairie Rd

Suite 105

Flower Mound



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Flower Mound


Stephen Jackson

I have been in the Mortgage Industry since 1993, assisting clients with obtaining the American Dream of Homeownership. The reason I started in this profession is simple; it is the love for my family. It is about creating memories in a home, building and designing a home to fit you and your family, taking pride in finding a way to help others have the same. We can provide mortgage financing for people regardless of whether it is a purchase or refinance. We know we just helped them with one of the most significant investments they will ever have. My duty is to be a Clients' Mortgage consultant; I want to understand their story and challenges. I want to be their Mortgage Coach, explain and simplify the process, and help them know "How" homeownership CAN be a reality. My main objective is Happiness, for them to know we are thankful for the opportunity to serve them, as we know they can choose from any lender, and we appreciate the chance to become their Lender for Life. We desire many beautiful memories in their home for their family.

We like to pride ourselves on caring about every customer; we want to present a platform every customer can be open and honest to find a way and make their dream come true. We believe in you getting what you pay for, and our process and dedication to communicate and close on time every time is a top priority. When clients share us with their friends and family, that is the most significant testimony we could ever ask. I love to take the initiative and drive my team's success to be the best at what we do each day. However, we have to remember perception is a reality, and we must focus on making sure we place our clients first and communicate to allow them to understand what we do and how things will get done.

I am a huge fan of sports, being outdoors with my friends or family, making beautiful experiences visiting our county. I remember life is precious and to love and honor those around you, and remember we live in the greatest country in the world and appreciate the opportunity to be who we want to be. I genuinely enjoy being a part of the community and helping others.




LHM is the best! They make everything so easy!

- LHM Borrower