Jake Mullins

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Jake Mullins

I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Urban Planning and Geographical Design. I have been in the Mortgage Industry since 2017! My experience summed up – Rewarding - This industry is not easy. There have been many good and bad scenarios. Regardless of the outcome, I choose to learn and grow from every opportunity. I started as an LOA working under one of the most prominent Primary Residential Mortgage Inc branches. I worked during my Sr. Year in College. Initially, it was a summer internship, but they kept me moving forward. I’ve since worked with a few different companies as an LOA/LO to cultivate my book of business. I’ve moved around a few other companies but was able to gain vast amounts of knowledge from the LO’s I worked alongside. Now that my sphere of influence is entering the market, I’m having the time of my life helping my friends achieve the dream of homeownership.

My biggest goal is to ensure total peace of mind. I am providing clients with a home they love and doing so to educate them the entire way through the process. I have no desire to differ from other lenders because I AM different. Every lender tells you why their company is better. But, in large, we all sell the same thing. I left the lending business a long time ago; I’m in the people business these days. I want to know your short-term goals. Your dreams and aspirations – Paint me a picture of your vision, and I’ll help you game plan. The house/rates/loan programs are a byproduct as far as I’m concerned. In short – when you turn the key to YOUR home. You’ll be excited and have reminded yourself of why you wanted to buy in the first place. The only want is what you want. We have two ears and one mouth. Listen more than you talk, be intrigued, ask questions. That’s how you separate yourself from the rest of the competition. You make it, so there isn’t other competition.

I’ve been big into sports my entire life. I wrestled in high school and have actively played Rugby. When I am not working, you will find me on the nearest hiking trail, reading, or enjoying the outdoors!




LHM is the best! They make everything so easy!

- LHM Borrower